Tell Them insists that lawmakers hear your voice.
We work to improve reproductive health policy in South Carolina.

Not in legislative session? Not a problem. Here's how you can still be an active and informed advocate:

Click here to tell our state legislators to improve reproductive health policy in South Carolina.

Click here for information on our "We're Keepin' Our Columbia Clinics" event on September 17th. 

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September 30, 2015

Introducing Allison Waymyers

What do Tell Them Ambassadors, Michael Jordan, and Lou Holtz have in common? We all have the pleasure (or soon will) of working with Allison Waymyers!   Read more >

September 25, 2015

The Inside Buzz: Georgina Dukes

Sometimes, an abrupt awakening is what changes people’s opinions on an issue. For Georgina Dukes, that awakening was becoming pregnant at the age of 19. She had previously thought that she was doing everything she needed to do to avoid pregnancy and that only promiscuous people ever became pregnant. She...   Read more >

September 21, 2015

Keeping Our Clinics

On September 17th, Tell Them joined forces with Representative Beth Bernstein and fellow community members to fight for the availability of women's healthcare services through Planned Parenthood providers.   Read more >

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