Tell Them insists that lawmakers hear your voice.
We work to improve reproductive health policy in South Carolina.

A handful of extremist lawmakers continue to sabotage legislation that would require schools to provide medically accurate sex education to our state’s most vulnerable citizens. Join the fight to protect sex ed, and tell your representatives that people should come before politics. Get the Facts >

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April 20, 2015

My birth control isn't political

The white-walled room suddenly seemed smaller as I worked up the courage to spit out the words: “I was wondering … could I go on the pill?”    Read more >

April 17, 2015

10 things you could do with 20 dollars

Got some extra cash? Don't worry, we have a few ideas on how you can spend it.    Read more >

April 14, 2015

Birth control shouldn't be political

When I became interested in starting birth control my senior year of high school, it wasn’t because I was having sex or planning on having sex. It was because my mom, who is a nurse, suggested it.    Read more >

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