Tell Them insists that lawmakers hear your voice.
We work to improve reproductive health policy in South Carolina.

Please consider donating during Midlands Gives on May 3rd, so that Tell Them can continue to push for powerful legislative changes. Recently, this has included the passing of the Cervical Cancer Prevention Act, and the adoption of two budget provisos that invest in preventive health for South Carolinians. 

Latest blog posts

April 28, 2016

#InsideBuzz: We Did It!

Because bringing every single one of you to the State House would make for a parking catastrophe and a fire hazard in the chambers, we’re trying to bring the State House to you in a new blog series: #InsideBuzz.   Read more >

April 21, 2016

Intaxication: Tips on Spending Your Tax Refund

Intaxication is the euphoria created after getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to begin with. With #MidlandsGives around the corner on May 3rd...we have some suggestions on how to work through this exciting time in your life.   Read more >

April 04, 2016

Sex Ed: A Puzzle with Missing Pieces

Danielle Johnson, as a second year medical student, decided one evening to attend a guest lecture on birth control methods. It was optional, it was poorly attended, it was basic, and yet it immediately made her question the quality of health education that the United States was administering.    Read more >

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