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7 Days / 7 Actions for Sex Ed Reform

Posted by Ryan Morgan on May 21, 2014 at 10:59 AM
In one week the sex ed reform bill (H.3435) will be before the Senate Education Committee. Will you join us for the 7 days / 7 actions challenge? Each day from now until Tuesday, we’ll post a quick action you can take to show senators your support for sex education reform. Action 1: Tweet at Senator John Courson (@JohnCourson), the Chair of the committee, and ask him to vote YES on H.3435. Here's a sample tweet: Students deserve medically accurate health info @JohnCourson! Vote YES on H.3435 on 5/28. #reformsexed @TellThemSC Think we can get 50 people to tweet at Sen. Courson? We do! So send your tweet and spread the word—7 days / 7 actions for sex ed reform. Stay tuned for daily action updates.

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