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$100 Million Countdown

Posted by Ryan Morgan on February 26, 2013 at 12:00 PM
Since January’s avoidance maneuver on the fiscal cliff negotiations, we have all been preparing for the automatic cuts that will take place this Friday. We know that they will be “harsh” and “tough” but not much more than that.

Wednesday. Only a few days away from Friday, March 1, and the ever looming sequestration.

Until this weekend, when the White House released a list of all the programs, federally and state-wide that would be affected by the sequestration. According to the Washington Post, South Carolina stands to lose nearly $100 million in federal money.

One area that will be harshly affected by these cuts is the state’s public health sector, which will lose $442,000 that was designated to upgrade the state’s response level to natural disasters and infectious diseases. They will also lose out on $1,020,000 to help prevent and treat substance abuse, which translates into 1,400 fewer beds available to those in need of treatment.

The real kicker? In a state that is listed as one of the “Top 10 Hotspots” for HIV, South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) will lose $276,000, which would have been used for almost 7,000 HIV tests.

South Carolina’s victims are at risk again, this time from the sequestration, and the potential cut of $99,000 that could offer help and support to 400 victims of domestic violence.

These are real cuts that are going to be felt by South Carolinians.

It feels like Congress and the White House are going to keep playing this game of avoidance until the public stops being interested and just gives up. Cuts in these areas are not something that we are going to stand around and watch happen.


Send a message to President Obama, Senators Graham and Scott, and our Representatives and tell them to get to work trying to avoid these cuts.

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