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#InsideBuzz: Compromised Rights

Posted by Megan Plassmeyer on May 27, 2016 at 9:35 AM

Because bringing every single one of you to the State House would make for a parking catastrophe and a fire hazard in the chambers, we’re bringing the State House to you!



This month, the rights of women were compromised as Gov. Haley quietly signed the 20-week abortion ban into law. This callous bill blocks the constitutional rights of women and fails to account for the complex realities of women seeking abortion care after 20 weeks by omitting an amendment that would provide an exception for survivors of rape and incest.



Although the 20-week abortion ban passed, we are happy to announce that the safe method ban did not pass through full committee. This law would have banned a common method of ending a pregnancy in the second trimester that is often the safest option for a woman. The ban flies in the face of clear Supreme Court precedent which has squarely held that a ban on the most commonly-used method of abortion is unconstitutional.




The Senate concurred with the House amendments on a telemedicine bill that will now allow birth control and hormonal replacement therapy medications to be prescribed to patients through the updated telemedicine program. This will increase access to women's healthcare in rural communities.




The State House bill designed to reverse a Berkeley County School District policy where students could use restrooms with which they gender-identify was killed in the Senate. 

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