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#InsideBuzz: Controversy, No Go

Posted by Emily Crawford on January 15, 2016 at 10:27 AM

Because bringing every single one of you to the State House would make for a parking catastrophe and a fire hazard in the chambers, we’re trying to bring the State House to you in a new blog series: #InsideBuzz.

This week’s #InsideBuzz:

Yellow Bee


“Currently we have 49 bills either in prefile this year, standing committee, full committee, or on the floor of the Senate so we’ve got a lot of work to do on education this year. I remark on this—this being the second session of the General Assembly—that any legislation that’s introduced has a lot of controversy attached to it probably will not pass.” –Senator John Courson, Chair, Senate Education Committee




Red Bee“But I can bet that if animal control officers were selling baby dog parts and aborting baby dogs, I bet you’d jump all over defunding them.” –Pickens County resident to members of the Pickens county legislative delegation on her mistaken belief that South Carolina funds Planned Parenthood.

Three bills have recently been introduced at the State House that seeks to curtail women’s access to full medical services:

  • Defunding the Abortion Industry (H.4538)
  • Safe Procedure Ban (S.531)
  • Ultrasound Mandate (H.4629)


Green Bee


“Don’t worry, I have snacks for days in this purse.” –SC Coalition for Healthy Families lobbyist and snack planner extraordinaire, Ashley Crary on keeping hunger at bay as she works in the lobby of the State House. 

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