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#InsideBuzz: We Did It!

Posted by Megan Plassmeyer on April 28, 2016 at 12:44 PM

Because bringing every single one of you to the State House would make for a parking catastrophe and a fire hazard in the chambers, we’re trying to bring the State House to you in a new blog series: #InsideBuzz.


It's official -- Gov. Haley signed the Cervical Cancer Prevention Act into law! This means that beginning next school year, the Department of Health and Environmental Control will be able to offer the HPV vaccination series to seventh grade students enrolled at any public or private school in the state. The act will also raise awareness of the HPV vaccine, help parents and guardians make informed decisions, and increase accessibility to vaccination.




In the words of State Sen. Joel Lourie, "Two hearings and a flush."  Bill S.1203, a bill to prevent transgender men and women from using the bathroom or locker rooms of their choice, is dead for the year. However, Bright claims that during next week's Senate debate over state budget, that he will propose that lawmakers take away state funding from government subdivisions that adopt any ordinance to expand use of bathrooms to transgender people.





The Senate will be meeting next week to discuss South Carolina's roughly $7.5 billion spending plan. We will do our best to continue protecting your rights and will post updates regarding the progress of their debate.







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