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#TellMeSC - Roger - Duncan, SC

Posted by Ryan Morgan on November 07, 2013 at 11:13 AM
The following blog was written in response to the #TellMeSC campaign where we asked South Carolinians what they wanted us to know about their sex ed experience.  I attended Beach Springs Intermediate School and James F. Byrnes High School in Duncan, SC. I never had a class dedicated specifically to health. I had two weeks of health education.  The first health education lasted a week in the sixth grade. The second week was in the tenth grade. For each session, the boys and girls were split up into two different classes. We covered topics such as STI’s, the process of human reproduction, safe sex, and general wellness. While I didn’t have a yearlong class I learned a great amount, especially in the sixth grade. The teachers always did their best to make the students feel comfortable. My teacher had an anonymous box for students who had questions and didn’t want to ask the questions out loud. This was very helpful in making the class comfortable with the topics. I liked how my teachers approached the topics and how open they were to questions on anything. I think that other health classes should include an anonymous box.  While I never used it, it made me feel very comfortable knowing that I had another option of finding out information that I wanted to know.  I am very satisfied with the health education that I received as a student. Would you like to share your sex ed story?  Email us at

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