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#TellMeSC: Shout out for an awesome sex ed teacher

Posted by Ryan Morgan on November 18, 2013 at 10:05 AM
By Brigitte Shumpert Saying the word "sex" out loud and talking about it is very awkward as a girl in middle school. At my middle school, Fulmer Middle in Lexington District 2, we had health for a quarter of each year we were there. So I had health in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. While everyone dreaded health class, the teacher of health class was awesome. Her name was Mrs. Marks. She was always so bubbly every day making you smile whether you wanted to or not. She did her very best to relax the class and not make the subject awkward. In her class many topics were covered such as, drugs and alcohol, sexual intercourse, sexually transmitted diseases, and even physical health. During the sex portions of the class, many students would make jokes or smart remarks regarding the genital area. Mrs. Marks taught us how to be respectful and how while things were funny we still had to know the truth about sex. She allowed us to play games helping us all overcome the awkward parts of what was being taught. Looking back, having Mrs. Marks was an awesome experience and I’m very lucky to be able to say I was once her student. Brigitte is a Junior at the University of South Carolina majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  She is volunteering at Tell Them through a service-learning class.  

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