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Posted by Megan Plassmeyer on June 18, 2016 at 12:31 PM

Wow! Did you know that young women with engaged fathers have higher overall opinions of themselves, along with higher reported levels of self-esteem? 

That means that more time with dad can lead to more daughters who love themselves. Join us in appreciation of dads everywhere by letting us know how a father figure in your life has given you the confidence to be outstanding, be proud, and be yourself. 

Thanks for believing in us dad, so that we could believe in ourselves too. #FathersDay #ThanksDad



 Megan & Padre/Big John

My Dad is six feet and four inches of laughter, wit, and red licorice (his favorite candy). He's always supported me by placing value on the things that I place value on, whether they were of interest to him or not. I can't even imagine how many "abstract" dance recitals he sat through where he had no idea what on earth was going on...but would attend for four hours just to see my three minutes of in hand.  Every clumsy ballerina needs a stage dad! 



Eme & Dad

My dad taught me a love of trail running and how to rock a bandanna. But more than that, he's taught me about the importance of self-sufficiency, civic engagement (I still remember going door-to-door with a bucket of peppermints and Re-elect John G. Crawford cards), and compassion and passion for improving our community. Thanks Dad!



Ashley & Dad

Throughout my life my dad has supported me by not dictating what I should believe or how I should act but rather encouraging that I think for myself and own my individuality. The only way my dad would be disappointed with me is if I chose to do something against my own character. He is my top advocate in everything that I do.  



Melissa & Dad

In the age of helicopter parents, my father supported me by trusting in me and teaching me to trust myself. He gave me the confidence and security to always follow my intuition and passions.

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