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A Dream Worth Funding

Posted by Ryan Morgan on December 04, 2013 at 1:44 PM
By Cathy Monetti I have a rather unique vantage point from which to view “need” as it exists in South Carolina. For the past 16 years our firm, Riggs Partners, has worked with more than 150 nonprofits through our pro bono event CreateAthon. More specifically, we have reviewed hundreds of applications submitted by virtually every type of nonprofit group in South Carolina—applications that outline the need in the community, as well as the nonprofit’s ability to meet that need. It is a humbling, on-your-knees thing to read through those applications and realize how blessed your own life is. It is an overwhelming thing to realize how much work there is before us all: those who work in the nonprofit arena, devoting their lives to these issues and the people affected by them; we who are the givers who support them with time, talent and money. It is like a swirling whirlpool, all this need. How on earth do we decide where to focus? Where do we even start? I have the benefit of CreateAthon service to help me with the answers to both of these tough questions. I’ve seen it play out over and over through these many years. We start where we are drawn, each of us, based on our own value systems and experiences, which are as vast and diverse as need itself. And for me, for the answer looks like this: I focus where I believe I can have the greatest impact in affecting root cause. That’s why I am a passionate supporter of the Tell Them network. I have a daughter who has grown up with every opportunity for a healthy and happy life, and I want every young woman in South Carolina to have that same chance. I believe it is possible if we arm those young women with the same information about reproductive health that my daughter received at home—conversations that are sorely missed in so many pre-teen and teenage lives today. More specifically, I believe that if we arm our young people with the information they need to make responsible decisions about their sexual choices, they will, in fact, BE more responsible. Do you dare to dream of a South Carolina in which unintended pregnancy, particularly among those 25 and younger, is not an issue? Can you imagine breaking the cycle of poverty carried generation to generation by teenage mothers, preventing those pregnancies in the first place? Can you visualize a day when every young woman in every corner of our state has the chance to step toward a future filled with promise? I can. I know it’s possible. And I believe it starts the day we women of South Carolina join together on behalf of the girls of our state, insisting every single one be given a chance at a happy, healthy life. That, my friends, is a dream worth funding.Donate button1 Cathy has spent a magical 30 years as founder/creative director of C.C.Rigg’s~RIGGS~Riggs Partners and blogs at the daily grace, CoolThingsPeopleSay, and R|Blog.

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