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A Learning Experience

Posted by Ryan Morgan on April 08, 2014 at 10:38 AM

Laquetta SallieBy Laquetta Sallie

My experience attending BeeDay 2014 was spectacular. My day began quite early due to the fact that I had to travel to Columbia from Charleston. Once I arrived at the Columbia Marriott, Tell Them had such a marvelous breakfast spread out for those who came to participate in the day’s events. While eating breakfast, we were given a packet with each representative that we were responsible for meeting with and we went over a brief training about what to say to our state representatives. I must say that the training proved very beneficial because it helped decrease my level of anxiety and provided me with a more focused approach as to what to say. The shuttles that transported us from the Marriott to the State House were prompt and we did not have to wait. Once at the State House, the group took a photo and we all filed inside. We were introduced by Representative Jenny Horne on the House floor and stood to be recognized. Once that was complete, we each waited on our representatives to come off the House floor to meet briefly and ask them to support Bill H.3435, the Healthy Youth Amendment to the Comprehensive Health Education Act. I met with Representatives Wendall Gilliard and Joseph Daning. One Representative was in favor of the Bill while the other stood opposed. This was a wonderful learning experience for me and I’m appreciative that I received the opportunity!

Laquetta Sallie is a graduate student attending University of South Carolina’s College of Social Work.

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