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About yesterday's subcommittee hearing...

Posted by Ryan Morgan on February 26, 2014 at 1:21 PM
Yesterday’s subcommittee hearing on the sex ed reform bill was a doozy. To recap what happened between now and last year, the Healthy Youth Amendment (click here for a recap of the bill) passed through House K-12 Education subcommittee with Chairman Andy Patrick’s revisions. After hearing feedback from subcommittee members, constituents, and experts in the field of reproductive health education he refined and tightened up the language around the compliance, teacher training, and medically-accurate information portions. The amendment was kicked back to subcommittee to vote on the updated version. Listen to bill co-sponsor Rep. Jenny Horne (R-Dorchester) on how she viewed the changes: Horne In Horne’s words, “While it may not be everything that everybody would have liked to have had, I think it strikes a good balance between what we need to make sure there is uniformity and consistency from district to district in what we are instructing our children in the area of health education.” That’s a fair account. But not everyone on the subcommittee was convinced. Representatives Joshua Putnam (R-Anderson), Samuel Rivers (R-Berkeley), Bill Taylor (R-Aiken), and Don Wells (R-Aiken) still voted against the compromise. The bill received a tie vote of 4-4 and can now be taken up in the House Education and Public Works full committee. Stay tuned for more videos of the subcommittee hearing on our blog and add your voice to the call for comprehensive sex education by signing this petition.

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