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Abstinence Still Has a Role in Healthy Youth Amendment

Posted by Ryan Morgan on April 02, 2013 at 5:37 AM
Statehouse bill H. 3435, The Healthy Youth Amendment, is bipartisan, common-sense legislation that does not attempt to do away with abstinence education in our state’s public schools. The bill seeks to amend a 1988 law that has never been fully implemented even one year out of the last twenty-five. The amendment proposes that more mature students receive instruction about both abstinence-until-marriage and contraception. This is needed in our high schools, where many incoming ninth-graders report being sexually active and not using any method of birth control. Abstinence education has a place, especially with younger students. But it would be unconscionable for the State of South Carolina to continue to prevent instruction for the estimated 100,000+ high school students who are sexually active and therefore at very high risk for unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections – including HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Email House Education Subcommittee members today to vote "yes" on H. 3435, the Healthy Youth Amendment!

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