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And the Winner Is.....

Posted by Ryan Morgan on September 02, 2014 at 11:49 AM

I get it. You're tired of hearing me brag about how awesome Tell Them advocates are - how awesome you are. 

So I'm here to share some of our #SCRahRah Photo-A-Day challenge photos! Granted, I'm a little biased.

Instagram user lovedbygod2 played along ALL month long. It won't be long before she's about to pop!


Instagram user jordslice11, owner of the fantastic Etsy store reSLICEd, may have been late to posting a few times, but who hasn't? Anyways, her super awesome Bedsider shirt sure takes the cake.


And how could we ever leave out Instagram user TryJen? She's essentially a social media maven with advocacy on her mind 24/7. Plus, this caption is beautiful. We love you Tim. We really do. 

Be sure to log on and search our hashtag #SCRahRah to see all the submissions! And for the people we just featured? Would you like a Tell Them Tervis tumbler? Because that's how you get a Tell Them Tervis tumbler. Keep an eye out for a package that is addressed to YOU.

And for the rest of our fantastic participants? We've created a Storify to feature even more submissions! Check it out here:

Again, we love you guys. You're what keeps the organization running. Without the grass, grassroots advocacy would just be... roots? 

Whatever we COULD have been, I'm excited of what we ARE. Here's one more RAH RAH for you guys (and gals)!


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