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Are you Still Startled by SC's Stats? Share your #scsexedspittake

Posted by Ryan Morgan on July 30, 2013 at 11:23 AM
South Carolina’s teen pregnancy and STI stats never cease to startle us: HIV3 in 10 sti cases Yeah, we still can’t believe it. Cherisse That’s why we’re asking you to join us during the month of August in recording a normal person’s reaction to such dismal reproductive health outcomes—the SC sex ed spit take. Here’s how to play: Using Vine or Instagram, record a disappointing SC sex ed stat and a spit take. Be sure to tag us (@tellthemsc) and use the hash tag #scsexedspittake to share your shock with the whole Tell Them community. (Click here for quick tutorials on how to use Vine and Instagram video) You can use any of the stats above or from our report “25 Years and 250,000 Teen Pregnancies Later” or from our website. We’ll post a new spit take every afternoon (M-F) on Facebook, so stay tuned—we might post yours! Have fun with it. You can spit take with your friends. mimosa You can spit take over the morning paper. Kristian You can spit take at the gym. Emile You can spit take while gardening. Eme You can spit take during happy hour. Emma You can spit take anywhere that doesn’t prohibit spitting. Spit take to show your support for sex ed reform in South Carolina today! Ashley

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