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Awwwk-waaard. What to do when the pharmacy doesn’t carry Plan B OTC.

Posted by Ryan Morgan on September 24, 2013 at 2:04 PM
There’s a certain type of Southern who, maybe, apologizes and says “thank you” too much; who, maybe, won’t correct someone who has mispronounced her name for months because she doesn’t want to hurt her feelings; who, maybe just maybe, feels sheepish about confronting or correcting a pharmacist about where Plan B One-Step should be kept. That Southerner may be me. For the record, there’s another type of Southerner who has no problem yelling out across the entire pharmacy, “Hey, y’all got any Plan B on the shelves?” That Southerner is my boyfriend. So here’s a helpful resources from our friends at the Reproductive Health Technologies Project you can use – print out a stack, keep it handy on your smart phone—to help educate your local pharmacists on the new law of the land.  Click here for the pdf. top pic bottom pic

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