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Bee Day or Turkey Day?

Posted by Jordan Craven on November 25, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Turkey. Turkey is a magical piece of deliciousness that both warms our hearts and fills our stomachs. Thanksgiving revolves around this bird, and without turkey our world would crumble. Turkey is the nucleus that is at the center of everything, the poultry that provides opportunity and the essence of all that is democracy. 

Oh wait. That's not turkey...

 It's Bee day! Alright, now what's so great about Bees? 

1) They say no thanks to patriarchy. Hello queen bee.

2) They swarm, aka, they come together to get things done. 

3) Pollination. They give back without thinking about it.

  Bee Day is what I'm thankful for this year. And while we at Tell Them are not actual bees, we try to act like them. 

"So what's so great about Bee Day and why should I be thankful for it?" is probably what you're saying. Well, first things first stop talking to yourself silly, but secondly its a day where you can really see democracy in action.

Instead of me going on and on about what it is, check this video out really quick:

Interesting right? You're sold, right?

But Bee Day is going to be extra special this upcoming year. #BeeDay2015 is going to get big bump in attendance. For the next few months, Tell Them is partnering with professors and universities across South Carolina to help bring more people to the state house on Bee Day to lobby for better reproductive health policies - something our state definitely needs. Last year we came SO close to passing the Healthy Youth Amendment, but a guy named Mike Fair stopped it in its tracks. If we can get more faces, more letters and more emails pushing these better policies, we have a better shot at getting things passed. 

 So if you want to help, and give back to your community, then visit our website and pledge a donation to help send a student to Bee Day. 

And if you do that, Bee Day isn't the only thing I'll be thankful for this holiday season... I'll also be thankful for you. 

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