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Bees on the TVs: Grease

Posted by Ryan Morgan on August 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM

"Want to celebrate affordable contraception? Participate in Tell Them's Summer Lovin' Photo-A-Day Challenge"

This month, a major milestone was reached in women’s reproductive healthcare – birth control must be officially covered by all health insurance policies. That means that millions of women across the country will have access to free contraception.

This would have been helpful to Rizzo, a character from the beloved musical Grease. Rizzo, a teenager with a “bad girl” image,   sneaks out of the girls-only slumber party to go off with Kenickie, a T-Bird. In the back of his car, they start making out, and decide to go “all the way” – but not before having a “talk” about contraception:

Rizzo: Hey… ya’ got something?
Kenickie: Are you kidding? (Pulls out a condom) My 25-cent insurance policy.
Rizzo: Big spender!
Kenickie: It broke!
Rizzo: How could it break?
Kenickie: I bought it when I was in the seventh grade.
And yet, despite this set back, Rizzo and Kenickie “do it!”

A few months later:

Repeated unprotected sex, unavailability of contraception, and then confusion about an unplanned pregnancy – it’s no wonder that Grease spoke to millions of teenagers worldwide and continues to be one of the most popular musicals and film of all time. While there have been numerous revivals of the play (by Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs in 1971), Grease was brought to the masses in the 1978 film directed by Randal Kleiser and starring John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing, and Jeff Conaway.

While many can talk about the sexual undertones of some of the dance moves and lyrics, and Sandy’s progression from innocence to over-sexualized, the blatant issue of a broken condom and the resulting unintended pregnancy highlights an all-too-familiar problem that teenagers are facing every day. Hopefully, with the new health care law and decreased financial limits of contraception, modern day teens will be “singing a different tune.”

Want to celebrate affordable contraception? Participate in Tell Them's Summer Lovin' Photo-A-Day Challenge.

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