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Birds Don't Do It, But These Bees Do It: Let's Vote

Posted by Ryan Morgan on October 22, 2012 at 12:00 PM

Here at the New Morning Foundation, we're just itching to get our vote on! Here are a few of our voting rituals. What are yours?


The real life Leslie Knope

Emma: I love to vote. I am known at my precinct as the “Chipper one.” I’m there first thing in the morning on election day, happy and excited. I think the poll workers probably want to hurt me for being so excited that early in the morning. But I don’t care – I enjoy the entire experience of voting!

I usually try to read up on candidates prior to election day, but it’s hard to find information on judges and school board members. I wear my “I Voted” sticker all day and love seeing other people with their stickers. It’s like a great club and I feel like I’ve made a difference by casting my ballot.

I drive to my local polling place, and then head off to work. I have never had to wait in line to vote. Maybe it’s because I vote so early.

As the polls close, I stare at the TV! I’m totally hooked on election coverage and my heart skips a beat when they get ready to announce states. I like to keep tabs on certain local races, as well as Federal Senate and House seats. I usually have some kind of scorecard or chart keeping track of called races so that by the end of the night I can know the breakdown of both the statewide and federal House and Senate.

Cherisse: I usually drive to the polls to vote. Something about being in the presence of others making sure that their vote is counted is empowering. I try to go as early as possible and jump ahead of any early afternoon rush.  After voting I encourage others through calls, texts, and social media to step out and make their vote count.

Stacie: I have always voted in the morning. I would drive to the polls and take my son with me each time, to wait in line and allow him to watch me submit my vote. I have always stressed the importance of voting and letting his voice be heard.

This is his first year voting in a presidential election and I am so excited!!!

Katie: This year I’m voting via absentee ballot, but my usual voting ritual is to go with my dad and mom to the polls out in Blythewood. We drive out to the Campground Road Community Center near the fire station, and wait in line together, chatting with the site volunteers in the cool morning air. I’ve gone with my dad to vote in every presidential election since I was 18, and although he is a die-hard Libertarian, and I am more moderate politically, I’m proud that voting has always been something that our family does together.

Beth: I usually vote on my lunch break or in between classes, but this year I’m going all absentee!

In terms of voting habits, I always drink a cup of coffee in the morning and watch the news before I head out the door, which is not all that different from every other day- but I come home with an awesome “I Voted” sticker that goes up on my bathroom mirror for a while.

I drive to the polls since I’m usually coming from downtown, and after I vote, I go back to work/class and eagerly await the results. This year is special because I get to watch the election results with my wonderful group of coworkers.

A vote for my dad is a vote for sideburns

Eme: When I was younger my dad was a Georgia state representative, so from a young age there was always a lot of excitement/stress around my house on election day. Before we could vote my sister and I would walk around my grandmother's neighborhood knocking on doors, passing out my dad's campaign materials along with peppermints!

Since I've moved to South Carolina, my new rituals include calling my sister (or she calls me) and asking, "You know what you couldn't do ninety-ish years ago? Vote!" It's a good reminder that we shouldn't take voting for granted. Voting is a privilege that many people--women and men--around the world still don't get to experience.

So be sure to vote on November 6!  And while you're at it, email the presidential candidates and tell them you care about reproductive health for all!

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