Tell Them insists that lawmakers hear your voice.
We work to improve reproductive health policy in South Carolina.

Birth Control

Tell Them believes contraception is basic, essential healthcare. Eighty-eight percent of Americans support access to birth control, info-birth-control.pngand 99 percent of sexually active American women have used some form of birth control during their lives.

In fact, leading medical groups in the United States, including the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, support access to reliable contraception as part of basic healthcare.

Any legislation that interferes with the relationship between physicians, nurses, clinicians and their patients is a restriction of rights that is unacceptable. Such legislative efforts may include:

  • Imposing reporting requirements on physicians, nurses and clinicians, which could remove the basic right of privacy when dealing with medical records.
  • Conscience clauses, which could create roadblocks to women trying to access birth control and other reproductive health services;
  • Mandates, which could impose requirements upon women seeking reproductive health services.


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