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Birth Control, How Do We Love Thee?

Posted by Emily Crawford on November 10, 2015 at 12:22 PM

In honor of Bedsider's #ThxBirthControl celebration today, we're joining in and speaking out about all that birth control makes possible in our lives!



Ann Warner, CEO of her World

"Birth control is fundamental for building healthy families and communities. Having access to birth control has made it possible for me to pursue my dreams: to get an education, to pursue a career that helps others, and to start my family when my husband and I were good and ready."










Ashley Crary, Manager of her own Dang Body:

"Birth control has been there for me throughout my transition into womanhood. It has allowed me to focus my attention to my school work in high school, college and graduate school and gave me the freedom to become the woman that I wanted to be. Without it I would not have been able to travel to new places or advance in my career and for that I am eternally grateful. Thanks Birth Control!"










Emily Fox & Sommers Sims, Corralers of Chaos: 

"Thanks birth control because I am the only one who can make decisions about whether, when and how I want to start a family." -Emily


“Family planning on our terms. Fewer PMS symptoms. These are just a couple of reasons I'm thankful for birth control!” -Sommers








Melissa Davis & Ariel Simpson-Logan, Rockin' Associates

"Thanks birth control for giving me the confidence to rock white jeans." -Melissa


"Thanks birth control for reminding me that I am in control of my choices, my body and my future." -Ariel








Eme Crawford, Director of Spontaneous Singing

"Birth control empowers women and their partners to plan their pregnancies, gives women the chance to pursue their dreams and achieve economic success and saves our state money. That’s something to sing from the mountain tops!"










Megan Plassmeyer, Docent of Dusty Trails

"Thx birth control, for no longer making Aunt Flow a surprise visitor."


















Cynthia Beavin, Ambassador of Awesomeness

"Birth control makes me feel safer when I travel internationally -- especially with the implant. I don't have to worry about finding where to get a prescription!"














Allison Waymyers, Manager of Joyous Times

"Birth control allows families to properly plan and grow at THEIR pace.  Birth control offers so much more than the name suggests: hormone control, acne diffuser, and a blood thickening agent…who knew???" 








What has birth control made possible for you? Let us know by tagging us on Twitter @TellThemSC | #ThxBirthControl.

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