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  • How I'm Dealing with the Death of Robin Williams

    My Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds were filled last night - all on the same topic: the death of Robin Williams. It seems my generation has taken to social media in this time of shock and grief. I offer another outlet...

  • A Celebratory Reflection

    Tomorrow I graduate with my bachelors from University of South Carolina, and I couldn't be more happy with this accomplishment. From the long nights of studying, to the endless cups of Starbucks consumed, I've invested an eternity in my education. 

    But I've also invested my time in reproductive health education. And for that, I'm pretty happy as well. 

  • Why Contraceptives are the New Black

    We all have our favorites: the flattering dress, the perfect handbag, the surprisingly comfortable yet fashionable pair of shoes. Everywhere you turn, there is a new trend and "hot" item of the season. As women, we're always looking for "the new black," or the staple item that no one can live without. The thing is that everyone is talking about and you just need to have it.

    Who knew that you could find the new "it" thing at your local pharmacy. Contraception is the "new black."

  • #SCrahrah Photo-A-Day!

    If you've got a camera, an instagram (or Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest) account and drive that just wont stop, then you're in luck! #SCrahrah isn't over. We want to celebrate YOU as long as we can. 

    Join our celebration of Tell Them advocates by participating in our Photo-A-Day.

  • Your Honor, Where do babies come from?

    I celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case by scheduling my IUD. My insurance company is paying 100% of it by the way! I am very excited about this “blessed event”. My mother had one for years and raved about how wonderful it was. Anyway, it made me realize that I was not necessarily frustrated with the tangible effects of these very real changes in our cultural fabric, but the lack of logic and common sense that fuels them.

  • Tell Them Advocates are CHAMPS

    Woah. So as you might have already read from a previous blogTell Them kicked butt this legislative season.

  • Frustration Overload: JUST LOOK AT THE FACTS

    For JBB 7 8 14

    This blog is in response to the image above

  • An Open “Cover Letter” to Hobby Lobby

    Dear Sirs,

    I am writing you today seeking employment at one of your stores. As a long time follower of Christ’s teachings and well-read bible scholar, I am very excited about the new employee benefits. For starters, I know in Genesis 19:8 Lot says, “Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them.” Sounds to me like “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” is going to get a lot more exciting!

  • It’s a #SCrahrah Celebration!

    Um, round of applause please?

    Tell Them members kicked butt this legislative session. Seriously.

  • Bitter Reflections on July 4th

    This week, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our nation, I find myself feeling very un-patriotic.

    On the heels of the Supreme Court's horrific decision allowing corporations to determine an individual's access to medical treatment (specifically contraception), this 4th of July forces a bitter reflection on the new American reality. Jefferson's words no longer resonate with promise or hope. Five lesser men robbed me of that sentiment this week.



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