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The Inside Buzz: Jan Collins


Part of the reason life can be so fun is that we all have different talents and abilities to share with others. Ambassador Jan Collins has the gift of writing, and she uses her powers for good. She’s been a journalist and editor in Michigan, North Carolina, and South Carolina. One of her earliest stories was in Ann Arbor about a high-school program for pregnant teens in Ann Arbor. This article was her introduction to sexual and reproductive health issues, and she has continued to write about these topics ever since.

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Modern Day Vampire

Last year we killed “personhood” bills. And then they came back.

Come to think of it, the year before we killed “personhood” legislation, and it came back.

And the year before, and the year before, and the year before for 18 years.

How can it be that for eighteen consecutive years, so-called personhood legislation—legislation that aims to seek full legal rights to fertilized eggs BEFORE pregnancy occurs—hasn’t fully, completely died?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a modern day vampire in “personhood” legislation.

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The Inside Buzz: Melissa-Anne Cunningham Sereque


Melissa-Anne Cunningham Sereque (MAC) has a multi-faceted understanding of the importance of sexual and reproductive health issues in South Carolina. Born and raised in Spartanburg, she feels she received inadequate sex ed in her PE class in the 7th grade. Her mom, along with others, called the school to complain about some things said in the class. MAC saw devastating consequences of these sex ed courses in her friends, many of whom were distraught about “losing their virginity,” a concept that has no scientific support and does not carry real meaning outside of societal norms.

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