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Birth control shouldn't be political

When I became interested in starting birth control my senior year of high school, it wasn’t because I was having sex or planning on having sex. It was because my mom, who is a nurse, suggested it. 

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Why isn’t women's history month every month?

If you haven’t gotten the idea yet, women are complete and utterly the most bad ass human beings on this earth (not up for debate). Yet even with this POPULAR notion, the only holiday women get is Women’s History Month; mother's day too if you’re a mother. 

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Beyond the abuser: How our culture provides barriers for domestic violence survivors and what we can do about it

Every nine seconds a woman is beaten in the United States. Many people ask themselves why these women do not just leave their abusive relationships. Well, women are 70 times more likely to be killed in the two weeks after leaving than at any other time during the relationship. Many times the justice system cannot even protect them. Kit Gruelle is an advocate for abused women and children and appears in the harrowing documentary Private Violence. Gruelle sometimes views restraining orders from abused women as a last will and testament. “There’s probably 45 or 50 orders here, and every single one of the women who went to obtain these orders of protection was murdered in precisely the ways that they said they would be.”

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A letter to lawmakers: My Birth Control Isn't Political

Dear South Carolina Law Maker,
I am writing to let you know how important it is for South Carolina women of all ages have access to all forms of birth control. At 17 years of age, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, or ITP for short. It is best described as a mimic of leukemia. The cause was a malfunctioning spleen that liked to “eat” my platelets, making me susceptible to spontaneous, and possibly unstoppable, bleeding.

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Together, Let's Walk Out of Darkness

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg.jpgThis past Sunday, University of South Carolina (USC) held an Out of Darkness Walk for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Tomorrow, USC will be screening Broken Heart Land, a feature-length documentary that explores the response of friends, family and community members to Zack Harrington’s suicide in Norman, Oklahoma in 2010.

Today, I'm writing about the importance of both of these special events. 

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My Education Isn’t Political…Or At Least It Shouldn’t Be

My name is Sherilyn and I was one of the lucky ones. I was blessed with a progressive mother and grandmother who were comfortable giving me information on sex. Any question I had on the subject they answered truthfully and honestly. If it were not for them, I would have had to rely on the (mis)information that was taught in my school district. 

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Take the Politics out of Sex Ed

From my first day of kindergarten to the anxious reception of my high school diploma at graduation, I was a product of the Greenville County public school system. The GCS district encompasses a large region of the South Carolina upcountry and provides a diverse offering of magnet schools, career centers, and other programming. 

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Adventures with the not so memorable sex education

I grew up in the upstate of South Carolina and attended Mauldin High School. I have many memories of it being a great school, offering opportunities for its students to grow and prepare for college and the real world. However, there was one area where my alma mater failed me, and that was with my sex education. 

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