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Senate Committee Summary-S.574

The session started off slow enough. People running late due to traffic was no new phenomenon, but today a fuel tanker crashed and exploded near St. Andrews, shutting down the interstate just a few miles north of downtown.

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Children deserve medical accuracy

For the past 25 years I have worked both globally and locally with health systems, such as DHEC, to improve services aimed at helping people lead healthy lives.  I have worked at the Arnold School of Public Health as an Assistant Professor for five years and, while I maintain my affiliation with the School, I am directing a statewide initiative that works to ensure that all South Carolinians, including young people, have the information they need to be healthy. 

 I am also the parent of an 8-year old boy who is attending public school in our state.  So, for both very personal and professional reasons, I am writing about an issue that is of utmost importance to me, my husband, our son, and children and families throughout South Carolina.

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It Ain’t Greek to Me

4907bf2cf3e550162a31fe8c56bfa3ce.pngThere is a distinct difference between a girl and a woman. A girl has a young mindset, is immature, and often catty. A woman is a strong, independent and powerful, but most importantly a woman empowers other women. 

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The "R-word"

For those who still think “floozy women” are to blame for rape, allow me to put this in perspective for you. 

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Lessons from Tell Them

Today is officially my last day as a member of the very first Tell Them fellow's team. As I prepare to graduate and move-on to my post college life,I must say my time here was amazing! Here’s my list of the top five things that I've learned. 

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Looking for that Special Crossover Week Gift?

Traditionally, for your first wedding anniversary you give a paper themed gift (obviously); for Mother's Day (it's coming up soon!) you make your mom breakfast in bed (of course); and for Arbor Day you plant a tree (duh).

But what do you give your gal pals this year for legislative crossover week?

Don't worry. The General Assembly took care of it.  They got us nothing.

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