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I am Advocacy: Lauren Whiteside


“This is cancer prevention. This is the one cancer we do have a vaccine for.”

That is how Lauren Whiteside responded when asked about the importance of educating people on cervical cancer and the HPV vaccine. Currently, South Carolina has one of the highest rates of cervical cancer deaths in America. These rates would be different if more people received the HPV vaccination.

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The lists women want to see

It’s 2015, and I don’t’ seem to find myself on the list of “5 First Date Looks That Don’t Look Like You Tried, But Totally Fool Him.” (Yes that exists.)

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I am Advocacy: Ann Ramsdell


How much do you know about your own body?  Enough to pass an online anatomy quiz?  Enough to make educated decisions regarding your health? Not many South Carolinians do. 

Dr. Ann Ramsdell wants that to change.

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Senate Committee Summary-S.574

The session started off slow enough. People running late due to traffic was no new phenomenon, but today a fuel tanker crashed and exploded near St. Andrews, shutting down the interstate just a few miles north of downtown.

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