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Charleston HAC, you're making us proud with your choices!

Posted by Ryan Morgan on October 30, 2013 at 4:16 PM
MaryTuesday evening the Charleston County Health Advisory Committee met to review the checklist criteria on Making Proud Choices!, a comprehensive sex education program that teaches both abstinence and contraception, and to decide if they should present or not present this curriculum to the strategic education committee and the Charleston County School District Board. Mary C. Eatmon, Tell Them Ambassador and Charleston resident, attended the meeting and wrote up the follow summary: The meeting began by allowing three signed in public comment visitors to speak for two minutes each. The first two people spoke strongly against the program. Georgina, a Tell Them Ambassador spoke strongly in favor of the program. The eight members of the committee were each given an opportunity to present their review/understanding of the checklist criteria on Making Proud Choices! After all of the committee members had spoken there was a spirited debate over the contents of the program. Several motions were made. Ultimately, a motion to approve Making Proud Choices! was passed with a 5-3 vote. The committee secretary will prepare and submit an e-mail to the four members of the strategic education committee. The strategic education committee will need to meet, vote, and present their recommendations/modifications to the entire school board. The entire board would then need to meet and vote. Time is of the essence. A “prep” grant has been received. Training for this program is scheduled for November 16th and 17th in Hartsville, SC. Those who receive that training will train the teachers during December/January. The target date for the students receiving the program is January. The middle schools scheduled to receive the program are Northwoods Middle School, Morningside Middle School, and Jerry Zucker Middle School. These schools all feed into R.B. Stall High School. Many of the committee members seemed surprised that several schools in the Upstate of South Carolina are already using the program. The meeting was adjourned. Mary Eatmon describes herself as the biological mom of one and a mentor to many. Mary is a business owner in Charleston, South Carolina who supports comprehensive sex education and recognizes the benefits that it can have in protecting the health of those in our state.  

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