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Dear SC Reps, Here's Why Parents Want you to Vote Yes to Reform Sex Ed

Posted by Ryan Morgan on April 15, 2013 at 2:36 PM

JBBBy Jennifer Bailey Bergen

Jennifer Bailey Bergen (aka JBB, aka JBeebs, aka JBeeble ) is the Client Relations Manager and Social Media Consultant for an IT consulting firm, with over a decade of experience helping people translate ideas into technology.

Dear House Education Subcommittee Members, This is a photo of my two teenagers. I take them with me every time I go to cast a ballot, and I have done so in every election, for every issue, for their entire lives. They know that our vote counts, that we are lucky and blessed to live in a country where "we the people" - ordinary everyday folks who work and go to school and make COMMUNITIES out of what could just be co-locations - we have not just the RIGHT but the OBLIGATION to drop whatever we are doing and GO VOTE.JBB'S kids I vote, pay taxes, work, own a home, and I have these two children in public schools in South Carolina. I am among the 84% of South Carolinians who support comprehensive sex education, and I back that up both in how I vote and in how I raise my children. To wrap this up: I ask you to keep these two young people in mind when YOU go to vote on Wednesday morning. That's Meredith on the left, and CJ on the right. Think of them when you vote. Remember that they believe in representation because I've taught them that our system WORKS. Remember that for them, and for the rest of the kids in South Carolina, this means you must - MUST! - VOTE YES ON H.3435.

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