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We work to improve reproductive health policy in South Carolina.


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Either you're for people or for politics. Read below to learn more about what's at stake and where we stand on these key issues.


In Vitro Fertilization

If some lawmakers had their way, thousands of our state's children wouldn't exist. They continue to propose laws that would criminalize practices essential to in vitro fertilization, making it nearly impossible for doctors to help would-be parents.

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Sex Education

Shouldn't all young people know how their bodies work? A handful of local politicians don't think so. They continue to sabotage legislation that would require schools to provide medically accurate sex education to our state's next generation.

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Birth Control

Birth control may currently be a given medical right, but certain legislators routinely propose bills that would restrict access to or completely ban common forms of contraception, including birth control pills.

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Domestic Violence

Reproductive coercion, when an abuser controls a woman’s reproductive health and options, is a widespread form of domestic violence. We're working hard to ensure that tougher penalties for domestic violence offenders become law.

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Cervical Cancer

We want all children to have access to a vaccination that can prevent 75 percent of cervical cancer cases. That's why we've helped to introduce new legislation that would allow DHEC to offer the cervical cancer vaccine to all SC students entering the 7th grade.

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