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Fed Up? Fired Up? Drawing the Line? Reproductive Health Advocacy is Just a Click Away

Posted by Ryan Morgan on October 13, 2012 at 12:00 PM

As your email inboxes can probably attest, the presidential election is just around the corner. Advocacy groups around the country are courting us to email, tweet, text, or in some way petition the candidates to care about issues that matter most to us. Yes, the onslaught of email seems overwhelming, but I’ve been delighted to watch the groundswell of creative support for women’s reproductive health. Here are a few of my favorites:

Draw The Line Campaign

The Center for Reproductive Rights pulls together an A-List cast for this series of PSAs designed to freak you out and force you to draw the line. A lawmaker in Georgia compares women to farm animals?! This other guy wants women to stop having sex?! That’s bananas! But have no fear. Kevin Bacon coaches you through drawing the line. He—and Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman, and yes, even Meryl Streep—want you to sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights and put your lawmakers on notice.

What are you waiting for? Follow the Center for Reproductive Rights on Twitter, hashtag away #DrawTheLine, and like them on Facebook!

This is Personal Campaign

Love the design and humor behind this National Women’s Law Center campaign! They aim to put the reproductive health debate back into the hands of women—not politicians. Their website boasts a clean, simple structure which makes it easy to find the facts and take action (they have petitions to sign and emails to send your legislator).

And MADtv alum Bryan Callen stars in their videos as the bad guy--totally hilarious!

Fired up? You can follow and like This is Personal through Twitter and through Facebook.


And of course there is UltraViolet—“equality at a higher frequency.” UltraViolet addresses a broader range of women’s issues, but as the election nears they’ve organized a number of campaigns around women’s reproductive issues, including a petition to Candy Crowley and the presidential debate organizers to include questions about contraception and reproductive health care in the next debate.

Follow UltraViolet on Twitter and on Facebook.

It’s easier than ever to let your voice be heard on issues you care about—advocacy is just a click away. I urge you to check out these campaigns as well as email the presidential candidates and let them know you care about reproductive health.


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