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My Unapologetically-Feminist New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Ashley Crary on December 23, 2015 at 12:32 PM

New Years is a special holiday to me, not only because it is my birthday (27 yikes!), but because everyone is optimistic about the year ahead. As individuals we each make personal goals to accomplish throughout the year and it is my pleasure to share some of my personal goals with you.

1)  Live each day like Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg).

Justice Ginsburg isn’t just any Supreme Court justice, she is a social justice warrior. Throughout her life she has broken down gender norms, like becoming the first female tenured law professor at Columbia Law and leading the women’s movement via her legal strategy. She co-founded the Women’s Right Project at the ACLU, and she is still able to be close friends with Justice Scalia even though they have very different views on the bench. At age 82 she is still dedicated to her work to keep things constitutional in this crazy country of ours, and I hope that at the ripe age of 27 I can channel that into my work here in South Carolina.


2)  To live as an equal to my soon to be husband.

Next year(2016) is the year that I will be getting married to a partner that does not want a wife to serve him. My main squeeze is all about equality in our relationship and provides me with so much support in this overly patriarchal society. It is my hope that we can always work together as a team and keep things fun.


3)  To take the moments I need to practice self-care.

This is something that I think gets overlooked by many people, myself included, but it is crucial to staying healthy. It is just like when the flight attendant on the plane says please put on your oxygen mask before assisting those around you; if you are suffocating there is no possible way that you will be able to help others. So in 2016 I will try to take the moments I need so that I can be strong for others. Examples of these moments could be: taking a walk down gorgeous Main street to clear my head, having a super lazy Sunday where all I do is watch too many HGTV shows, read books that I have been putting off for “vacation”, and scrolling endlessly through Pinterest looking for everything and nothing at the same time.



Set goals this new year that make you happy. Be a friend, be an equal, be unafraid to put yourself first. 


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