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FITS About Female Leadership?

Posted by Ryan Morgan on May 30, 2013 at 10:02 AM
[caption id="attachment_4767" align="alignleft" width="154"]Ginny Deerin Ginny Deerin, Co-Founder of Project XX[/caption] A lot of people in South Carolina know and respect Ginny Deerin, and I’m one of them. Among other things, she personally created and nurtured WINGS for Kids, the only Harvard-recognized after-school program in the nation teaching social and emotional learning to at-risk youth --- In other words, teaching inner-city elementary school children decision-making skills, self-discipline, and how to think and behave like responsible members of civil society. Blogger Will Folks could benefit from a lesson or two from WINGS: He recently suggested most uncivilly that Ginny Deerin is “another irascible vagina”. Even worse, he ran a photo that indeed is worth a thousand words. Or maybe it’s worth just one word: Take a look and decide for yourself what message you think Mr. Folks is really trying to convey: sarlaac-pit All this venom and vitriol is being directed at Ginny Deerin because she and her colleague Nikki Hardin are daring to apply pressure on the General Assembly to get more women appointed to state boards and commissions? Calling a nice woman an angry vagina because she is tracking and reporting whether legislators vote to appoint female candidates to state agency boards? Ginny’s and Nikki’s new Project XX wants some answers to the question, “Where are the women?” I also want to know where the women are: Twenty-two comments have been posted to this female-demeaning article, but I couldn’t discern an appropriate level of outrage except one posted by Grand Tango: “”FITS…is every bit the inhumane, disgusting sexist…” Thank you, Grand, whoever you are. One out of 22? Where ARE the women? When did we decide to ignore attacks such as this on good women like Ginny Deerin? Where are we, and what are we doing that is more important than standing against this sort of uncalled-for, public, misogynistic attack? Especially by this dude, who plead guilty in 2005 to criminal domestic violence towards his former fiancée. Especially by this guy, who has written his own vagina monologue since 2005,promoting himself as the man really behind our current governor (if you know what I mean). Will Folks has also promoted himself as a Southern gentleman. As Jabba-the-Hutt would say, “Boska!”

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