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Frustration Overload: JUST LOOK AT THE FACTS

Posted by Ryan Morgan on July 08, 2014 at 3:07 PM

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Asdghgfsgh okay, ONCE MORE WITH FEELING, here are the ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC FACTS: The “morning after” pills, aka “emergency contraceptives” or “ec,” do not in any way harm a fetus in a preexisting pregnancy. They function in much the same way birth control pills do, at a higher dose to prevent ovulation from occurring in the possibly fertile time frame in question. If a condom breaks or god forbid one is sexually assaulted, it’s “just in time and thank goodness”, NOT “a little too late”. If there’s already a viable embryo, it will be unharmed. There is only ONE (USA FDA approved) “chemical abortion” brand of pills called Mifeprex (generic name: Mifepristone, or the now familiar term “ru-486″. THAT drug is not even in question in Hobby Lobby’s complaint. As for IUDs, BOTH types specified (copper and hormonal) work by preventing sperm from ever even fertilizing an egg. Passing an unfertilized egg is precisely what happens every time a woman menstruates! The copper IUD releases small amounts of copper into the uterus, which acts as a spermicide… Just like nonoxynol-9, the spermicide found in condom lubricants, foams, gels, sponges, meltaway suppositories, and so on. The Mirena IUD releases a form of the hormone progestin (The one in birth control pills, emergency contraceptives, and nuva rings) into the uterus which thickens the cervical mucus so that sperm can’t reach the egg and may even keep some women from ovulating. Killing sperm before it reaches an egg and shedding unused eggs and uterine lining in a period is perfectly legal (for now).

In the highly unlikely event that an egg *does* get fertilized *and* manages to survive cell division outside of the fallopian tube (again, very unlikely) both IUDs routinely cause enough inflammation in the uterus that an egg cannot implant there. If it can’t implant, it can’t start turning into a person. If it isn’t an implanted and growing fetus, it’s not abortion. NONE OF THESE FOUR METHODS ARE ABORTIFACIENTS. They want you to THINK so, but as Neil deGrasse Tyson said, and I paraphrase, “the great thing about science is that it’s true whether you believe in it or not.”

I am an individual who depends on weekly doses of a chemotherapy drug called Methotrexate to keep my autoimmune diseases from disabling my body entirely. This drug is very commonly used off-label to terminate pregnancies. Wikipedia: Methotrexate is commonly used (generally in combination with misoprostol) to terminate pregnancies during the early stages (i.e., as an abortifacient). It is also used to treat ectopic pregnancies. Interestingly enough we don’t hear about objections to Methotrexate, likely because it can be used to treat many kinds of cancers AND is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, a list of the most important medication needed in a *basic* health system. Know what else is on that list?

  • *Oral hormonal contraceptives*
  • Ethinylestradiol + levonorgestrel
  • Ethinylestradiol + norethisterone
  • Levonorgestrel
  • Injectable hormonal contraceptives
  • Estradiol cypionate + medroxyprogesterone acetate
  • Medroxyprogesterone acetate
  • Norethisterone enantate
  • *Intrauterine devices*
  • *Copper-containing device*
  • Barrier methods
  • Condoms
  • Diaphragms
  • Implantable contraceptives
  • Levonorgestrel-releasing implant
  • Estrogens

This is not just a simple matter of 4 being taken out of 20. This is a matter of women who can’t work for a duration v if they have a normal, healthy pregnancy. They may lose their job altogether if they end up on bed rest for months at a time. The ability to choose the right kind of birth control for oneself with one’s doctor is crucial to woman being the one who decides if or when she is going to be ready for the challenge of motherhood. A minimum wage-earning single young Hobby Lobby lady is PRECISELY the sort of individual who may choose an IUD – she knows she’s protected against pregnancy for 5 years (say, while she finishes her degree). Minimum wage makes things like gas money and prescriptions pretty hard to come by, and an IUD without coverage could cost her an entire month’s pay. That’s just not reasonable, so say she relies on condoms. It breaks, it’s old, it’s otherwise incorrectly used… But she can’t afford the $60 for Plan B and it isn’t covered by her insurance. So then we have a single mother with morning sickness taking too many days off and in need of prenatal care, likely without an income to support herself. So she turns to what? Food stamps? WIC? Medicaid? Taxpayer funded care that she should have had in the first place but the insurance she got through the job she took at Hobby Lobby when she may have been too young to know any better left her in the lurch. “Get another job!” seems to be the popular response, but new jobs aren’t so magically had. So then maybe she spends months collecting unemployment.

Hobby Lobby is picking the wrong battles, and that’s swiftly becoming them waging war on the independence and decision-making for women who demand to retain full control over their own bodies.

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