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Get a Handle on your Rep.'s Handles!

Posted by Ryan Morgan on April 09, 2014 at 11:28 AM

Ever get an email asking you to tweet your representative or to post on your representative's wall, and you have NO idea what their @handles are? US TOO. 

Have no fear, Tell Them is here!

We'll start with Facebook.  Here are the representatives that have public pages on Facebook:

Chandra Dillard:

Todd Rutherford:

James E. Smith:

Jenny Anderson Horne:

Weston Newton:

Andy Patrick:

Mandy Norrell:

Joshua Putnam:

B.R. Skelton:

Yes, we know. Small list. Unfortunately, many of your representatives only have a private profile... but no worries, Twitter is poppin'!

Here are you representative's Twitter handles:

Chandra Dillard: @chandradillard

Philip Lowe: @PhillipLowe

Bill Taylor: @TaylorSCHouse

Don Wells: @donwellsschouse

Garry Smith: @GarryRSmith

James E. Smith: @RepJamesSmith

Raye Felder: @FortMillRaye

Ralph Shealy Kennedy: @kennedysc39

Mike Anthony: @MikeAnthonySC

Todd Atwater: @toddatwater

Nathan Ballentine: @NathanBallentin

Bruce Bannister: @BruceBannister

Eric Bedingfield: @EBedingfield

Beth Bernstein: @beth4house

Gilda Cobb-Hunter: @GCobbHunter

Derham Cole: @DerhamCole

Heather Crawford: @HeatherForHouse

Shannon Erickson: @ShannonErickson

Mike Forrester: @VoteForrester Ready to practice?

Click here for images to post on your representative's page and for images to tweet at your rep!

May the force of social media be with you. Go get 'em tiger.  

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