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Greed (for Preventive Care) is Good: Cervical Cancer Prevention Act Wrap Up

Posted by Ryan Morgan on June 25, 2013 at 8:54 AM
Michael Douglas has taught us a lot of half-truths over the years: greed is good, boiling bunnies is bad, and that his oral cancer was caused by HPV from… giphy Well, it’s complicated, but Douglas’s recent proclamation added a new sense of urgency to South Carolina’s H.3236, the Cervical Cancer Prevention Act. The Cervical Cancer Prevention Act will enable the Department of Health and Environmental Control the capability to offer the cervical cancer vaccination to students enrolling in the seventh grade of any public or private school in South Carolina. By the end of legislative session, this bill had passed through the House by a vote of 63-49, and now sits in the Senate Committee on Medical Affairs and will be taken up again in January. Movement on the Cervical Cancer Prevention Act makes me feel like dancing.


Why? Because South Carolina ranks 14th in the nation for estimated deaths from cervical cancer; and worldwide, cervical cancer is the 2nd leading cancer killer of women. And cervical cancer is HIGHLY PREVENTABLE through regular screenings, consistent follow-up appointment and care, and the HPV vaccination at the appropriate age. So here’s to you House legislators! Thank you for voting the Cervical Cancer Prevention Act through to the Senate! anigif_enhanced-buzz-17243-1369089502-3

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