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Posted by Ryan Morgan on September 26, 2014 at 1:12 PM

HeForShe, "a solidarity movement for gender equality."

For far too long have women been the only ones in participating in the movement. However, as HeForShe states, recently men have begun to stand-up in addressing inequalities and discrimination faced by women and girls. 

I'll admit, I often forget that as a man I am granted privileges that women and girls are not. This doesn't mean I'm a bad person but it does mean that I am a person who sometimes looses touch with the reality that I, even as a gay male, have far many more privileges than my female counterparts. 

I am more likely to have a higher wage than a woman for the same exact job.  

I am less likely to be considered "bossy" or "b****y" for simply stating my opinions or beliefs on a matter. 

I, as a man, am more likely to be granted an education. And that makes me angry.


Emma Watson introduced the HeForShe campaign a few days ago before the United Nations Headquarters, and nothing but applause followed. Thousands have shown support on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. In fact, I became the 147,545 man to take the commitment to promote gender equality on the HeForShe website. 

But that's not enough. 

While I may have watched Watson's speech, not everyone - not every man - has. So I encourage you to watch it. I encourage you to share it: 

Why? Because your gender, orientation nor sex should determine your ability to learn, live, love or grow in our collective world. We all should have the human right to happiness, or to experience what ever we want. A man is no more qualified than a woman to receive a college degree. A man's gender doesn't qualify him a higher wage.

Women shouldn't have to be a victim to a patriarchal world. 

And men shouldn't either. 


You see, women aren't the only victims when it comes to this idea that masculinity, or man-ness, should be the standard - and that anything other than that is less. Men are fathers. Men are brothers. Men are uncles. Men are cousins. Men are sons. 


Just like women, men should have the ability to show affection, love and express what some might call femininity. If we as people, men and women, join forces and break down these gender-based barriers, then we could make an end to discrimination based on gender. 

I accept your invitation Ms. Watson. I join you, and all the ones who support equality, in this movement. Together we can make a difference.  

"Now it’s time to unify our efforts. HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other of humanity, for the entirety of humanity."

Take the pledge to end gender inequality:



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