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I am Advocacy: Beth Richardson

Posted by Cynthia Beavin on January 13, 2016 at 4:12 PM


When asked why she was interested in sexual and reproductive health issues, Ambassador Beth Richardson said, “Well, being a woman, it’s actually a very important aspect of my life.” She says these issues are complex and rarely talked about in the United States.  She was a Women’s Studies major at Duke University, trained as a rape and sexual assault Counselor at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, has testified before the South Carolina state legislative committee on laws touching on these issues, and now she sits on the Board of Directors for the New Morning Foundation, as well as serves as an Ambassador for Tell Them.

Being an Ambassador in particular has allowed her to connect to sexual and reproductive health issues in South Carolina and numerous people like her who want to effect change. This network is a comforting reminder that there are lots of people in South Carolina who have a common goal in seeing proper education about sexual and reproductive health and the empowerment of women.

beth_iamadvocacy.pngBeth is very confident in Tell Them’s ability to change sexual health policies, including the Comprehensive Health Education Act reform. She has a few words of advice for those wanting to become involved with sexual and reproductive health issues in South Carolina:

“Become a member of the Tell Them network. When there’s a call to activism, actually do it. And ask at least 1 to 5 other people to do it as well, because there is power in numbers. That’s the only way to make the legislators pay attention. Let them know a lot of people personally care about what their decisions are.”

Lately she’s been inspired by Hillary Clinton. She admires her poise and balance, something she believes Hillary has grown into with grace. 

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