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I am Advocacy: Jennet Robinson Alterman

Posted by Cynthia Beavin on January 22, 2016 at 12:00 PM


Our world-class Ambassadors are also world travelers. Jennet Robinson Alterman got her start in reproductive health while she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Afghanistan, where she created health education materials for women who were illiterate. In her time in the rural villages, she was shocked at the lack of reproductive healthcare available to women across most of the country. What may be more surprising, she says she sees a lot of the same issues in the United States, with the constant threats of cutting back reproductive health care.

“It really brought home to me how important it was for women to be able to have control over their bodies and their life decisions. That has carried me through for the past 35 years of my career.”

Jennet believes in the power of persistence and politeness. She says to contact your legislators consistently with your values and opinions, because they’ll remember you and take you seriously. However, being polite and respecting the other side goes jennet_iamadvocacy.pnga long way in South Carolina.

Jennet’s mother encouraged her to expand her horizons and travel the world. Her father always encouraged her as well, telling her to get out there and learn as much as she could. Mark Twain once said “Travel is fatal to prejudice.” Jennet’s travels have helped her to understand issues in specific cultural settings, so her insight into sexual and reproductive issues in South Carolina is extremely comprehensive.

Jennet is a wonderful Ambassador for Tell Them, but she can’t do this work on her own. She has been working in South Carolina for years, and her experience shows that when people voice their concerns as a group, the legislature is keen to listen.

Tell Them is about a collective voice of people from all over South Carolina, instead of my being the lone voice in the wilderness.”

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