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I am Advocacy: Kate Heald

Posted by Cynthia Beavin on January 13, 2016 at 3:34 PM


“People have sex. They’ve had it long in the past, and they’re going to continue to have it way in the future. Sex without information can have severe, adverse problems. Sex with information means you can be responsible. People cannot be responsible without information.”

And where did Kate Heald get her information about sex? From her mother. Kate’s mom worked in an OB/GYN office before Kate was born, and she made sure to address all the questions Kate had about sex. Kate realized later that her classmates were not receiving the same information as her. She says a notable number of them were hurt by bad relationships and medical procedures that could have been avoided with age-appropriate sex and sexuality education.

kate_iamadvocacy.pngIt’s no surprise, then, to know that Kate’s mother is her role model. She says the information she received from her mother enabled her to lead a very fortunate life. She has never been pregnant or had an STD, and she knows that is because she received sex education at an appropriate age.

“Actually the fact that she taught me that is pretty amazing, because she was born in 1917. So for her age group in South Carolina, she was way ahead of her time.”

Now, Kate is a Tell Them Ambassador who uses her knowledge to advocate for sexual and reproductive health changes. Being an Ambassador allows her to act on one of her core beliefs: it’s healthier for young people to have access to accurate information about sex and birth control.  She says Tell Them has done a great job meeting legislators at a place where they can actually talk. Kate has attended committee hearings and led a small group for Bee Day. Her advice to new advocates is simple: be polite.

“Be polite to your legislators or anyone who is taking the opposite point of view. You can’t advocate without showing respect for someone.”

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