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I am Advocacy: Kevin Johnson

Posted by Cynthia Beavin on January 13, 2016 at 4:18 PM


It takes a special person to respond to the needs of the community. Tell Them Ambassador Kevin Johnson saw a disparity in how certain people were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in South Carolina, and now he is the Executive Director of the Wateree AIDS Task Force, which offers preventative services and educational activities to people living with HIV, including testing and counseling.  


“We need to engage more under-served populations within the minority community and help them advocate to their local legislators.”

The Wateree AIDS Task Force also does advocacy work for people living with HIV. Kevin is a perfect example of an Ambassador; he has connected himself with community and the legislature. This dual involvement is what makes Kevin a strong leader in the HIV/AIDS movement in South Carolina. He sees those affected by HIV and translates their needs to our kevin_iamadvocacy.pnglegislators in order to provide for them in the best possible way.

“Advocates receive a very hearty experience from participating in community based programs and partnering with strong advocates who work with many diverse, multicultural populations within the state of South Carolina. They are a part of strengthening state leadership that makes sure that persons in power know that people still care about reproductive issues within our state.”

Kevin admires Adam Clayton Powell Jr.—a New York Representative in the 1960s and a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. Powell was a strong leader dedicated to social justice. Who else sees a pattern here? Kevin is doing some fantastic work already with Tell Them. We’re glad to have him on board.

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