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It's That Time of the Month Again...

Posted by Ryan Morgan on January 27, 2013 at 12:00 PM

No, not *that* time of the month, Tell Them photo-a-day time of the month!


Join us in February as we celebrate healthy relationships.

You know the drill: take a photo every day using the above list to inspire you. Each item on the list corresponds to the day of the month. For example, on February 1st, the word is “trust” so you could take a photo of someone you trust, your trust fund, Elvis Costello's 1981 album Trust, or any other interpretation of trust.  There are no rules – just let yourself be inspired.

Once you have taken your photo, please share it with us! Make sure you tag us and attach #reformsexed to your posts so we can all see them!

  • INSTAGRAM: Upload your photo to Instagram, add a filter and include @tellthemsc and #reformsexed in the caption.
  • FACEBOOK: Create an album titled something like, Tell Them's Healthy Relationships Photo-A-Day, make the album public, and then upload your photos. It’s a good idea to upload the list too so you can refer to it and others can see what you’re doing. You can also share your photos on the Tell Them Facebook page or tag Tell Them in your posted.
  • TWITTER: Remembering you 140 character limit, describe your inspiration and tweet out your photo. Remember to tweet at us (@TellThemSC) and use the hashtag #reformsexed!


Happy photo-taking! We’re excited to see how you celebrate healthy relationships this time of year!

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