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Just Because They Call It a Person...

Posted by Ryan Morgan on March 20, 2014 at 11:31 AM
Pomata By Agnes Pomata I just googled “personhood” and to my surprise found myself reading entries about “corporate personhood.”  We all (except for five Supreme Court Justices) know that corporations are not people.  People have consciousness, and are responsible for their actions.  Corporations on the other hand, are unconscious and amoral, kind of a voracious body without a brain.  The brains, those who run the corporations, are able to blame the body for its behaviors without having to be held accountable in any way. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I'll get back to “personhood.”  It seems that those who oppose women's right to reproductive freedom (“freedom” is another word that gets used and abused...) have decided to take a lesson from the corporate playbook.  Call it a person and – voilá – it's a person.  And then they go on, much like their corporate brethren, to list all the rights to which these “persons” are entitled. In the case of pregnancy, we are hearing testimony in our South Carolina legislature of biblical proportions, as in the reading of the Bible into evidence.  The fetus has become a mythical force, an entity that is entitled to “life, liberty and property” in fact, everything but health care and nutrition.  In the interest of making this concept more credible, those who are writing these bills have invented other odd words, like “preborn,” to describe the fetus.  “Preborn,” which tends to make me think of “preowned” as in leased cars. The fact is that words like “personhood” and “preborn” are distractions designed to draw emotional responses from us.  They are incorrect, not based in reality, and certainly unscientific.  And the bills themselves are designed to create that distraction. These bills in fact do not protect life.  The sponsors are unconcerned about the health of the pregnant woman.  There is absolutely no regard to the wellbeing of the woman and family she may be trying to safeguard.  Not only is there not even the pretense of caring medically for the fetus or the pregnant woman, the sponsors of these bills often actually oppose any aid to pregnant women, children and families. Personhood bills, such as the ones with which we are being assaulted once again in our legislature, are destructive of life, liberty and property.  They are against the principle of freedom.  They interfere with and impair a woman's ability to care for herself and her family.  And in the case of teenage pregnancy, these bills punish children for a mistake made, allowing no input from families or physicians. In March, during Woman's History Month, we need to stop our legislators from preventing us from determining our own paths, so that we and our families will have the right to life on our own terms, without the interference of government. If you agree that we ALL have the right to make medical decisions about our health care personally, privately and freely, click here and sign Tell Them’s Bill of Rights. Agnes Pomata is a retired psychologist who lives on Wadmalaw Island.  She blogs at .

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