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L'enfant terrible: How the French Sell Condoms

Posted by Ryan Morgan on November 02, 2012 at 12:00 PM

I’m back with another advertisement, this time from the land of baguettes.

A student who lives in my Cité Universitaire showed me this video, which I hope you’ll take 41 seconds to watch now, as it is pretty funny.

Now I know that some children are just little bundles of joy, perfectly angelic, quiet, with intelligent eyes, and everything they babble out is cute. In fact, I’m sure if you’re reading this, and you have kids, yeah, maybe they aren’t always perfectly behaved but they are amazing and wonderful and your little sunshine. However for those of us who aren’t quite ready to always be carrying baby formula and diapers and to have to learn how to fold up a stroller properly, sometimes we just see kids like this.

And we need to be reminded.

When was the last time you went to the movies and you saw two attractive characters start to have sex? Probably in one of the last two movies you saw, I’m guessing (unless you have one of those little bundle of joys – did you like Madagascar 3?), since sex sells. Usually, in order to keep the MPAA happy, those films fade to black before the audience sees any action, but if you’re lucky, there will be some steamy kissing as the two lovers stumble their way into the bedroom. Now, and think carefully about this, when was the last time you saw two characters in a movie stop to get condoms, ask if the other has a condom, ask each other about their sexual health, and so on?

I for one, can not remember a single incidence. Can you?
See, some of my American university friends and I have this theory that because of all the steamy moments we’ve seen on the silver screen, we sort of think it’s uncool to stop to get a condom. Our theories range from: you don’t want to ruin the moment, you don’t want to have to actually go to some store and buy some if it turns out that neither person came prepared, and maybe by the time you actually do buy them you start seeing all their unattractive features under the pharmacy’s harsh fluorescent lights and decide to call the whole thing off anyway, maybe you don’t want to ask and have the other person thinking you’re asking because you have some STDs and you don’t, maybe you don’t want to ask because you do have and STD and you don’t want the other person to completely freak out and shut the whole thing down.

But we all agree, whatever the reason, even if it is a little awkward, it is worth it to stop, because what could be the outcome? You, unprepared parent.

It’s just like “Ah! What do I do with this thing?!”

And from France, they are just trying to remind us of one way to avoid that.

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