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Lesser cuts at the steak house

Posted by Emily Crawford on February 16, 2015 at 2:26 PM

I apologize. I like to keep y'all updated every Friday about what happened at the state house, but I was slightly distracted on Friday...guess it's just the lesser cut of meat in me.

If you haven't heard, Sen. Corbin "jokes" to our lone female state senator, Sen. Shealy, that women are a "lesser cut of meat."  We'd cry if we didn't laugh, so thank goodness for the Washington Post's diagram above and the hash tag #LesserCutofMeat or even better, #FamousLesserCutsofMeat on twitter (just a sampling: Betty The Other White Meat, Hilary Shank, Tina Filet, Marilyn Marrow, Meryl get the picture).

Ok, but back to the steak, I mean, state house.  

Last week H.3204, Cervical Cancer Prevention Act, passed the House Health and Environmental Affairs subcommittee on Wednesday, February 11 by a vote of 4-0! The bill will next be heard by the full House Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs committee on Tuesday, February 17 in Blatt 427 around 2:30 or an hour and a half after the House adjourns.

We'll also be listening out for a debate on S.3, reforms to Domestic Violence Offenses and Penalties, on Tuesday.  S.3 strengthens criminal domestic violence laws to increase penalties for perpetrators of violence. In addition, it makes state law consistent with federal law in denying legal ownership of firearms for those individual found guilty of domestic violence. This is a necessary legal step as a state if we want to reduce deaths associated with domestic violence in SC. This bill is not a Second Amendment issue for law-abiding citizens. It is a homicide prevention issue.  Click here to ask for your senator's support on this bill.

Thanks for following these important issues.  If you agree that women AREN'T a lesser cut of meat, click here to email your legislator!

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