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Lessons from Tell Them

Posted by Nishikwa Mellerson on May 06, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Today is officially my last day as a member of the very first Tell Them fellow's team. As I prepare to graduate and move-on to my post college life,I must say my time here was amazing! Here’s my list of the top five things that I've learned. 

Not everyone will always have your best interest at heart. Our slogan is “PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS”, and it still amazes me that we even have to suggest this. After all, shouldn't we automatically think people run politics and not the other way around? We live in a world where the opinions of constituents are overshadowed by the views and beliefs of lawmakers, it's a harsh reality. 

There are amazing people in the world! By amazing I mean the Tell Them staff, New Morning Foundation staff, and the wonderful supporters of everything we stand for! We've had great accomplishments because there are genuine and passionate citizens that care about the women and children within South Carolina.

Sometimes it’s okay to call lawmakers out on their BS. And trust me there will always be a time to call lawmakers out on their BS. We no longer can allow bills to get passed that directly hinder and undermine the issues that we’ve so diligently fought to even be recognized as issues. Its 2015 and the fact of the matter is, MEN CAN’T TELL WOMEN WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR BODIES. Is it really that hard to understand?

Friendships are built through advocacy! I have certainly made lifetime friends as a fellow. Friends that I know will always have my back if I’m caught in the cross-fire of an argument against comprehensive sex ed. 

Salsarita's is LIFE! Well, that may have been an expensive habit. I ate Salsaritas everyday of my 4 month internship. What can I say? The chips and queso were so delicious! 

Thank you to the amazing individuals at the Tell Them/ New Morning Foundation office. I’m going to miss being here but advocacy will always bring us back together! xoxo

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