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Meet SWARM '12-'13 Part 1: The Rock Stars

Posted by Ryan Morgan on August 20, 2012 at 12:00 PM

By Tim Allen

Students With A Responsible Message (SWARM) are Baaaack! Nine of the SWARMsters from last year graduated and have fanned out across the country to pursue their careers. That means we have one returning council member and nine newbies. Now, many of the new council members have worked with us in the past, so don’t think they aren’t hitting the ground running, cause they’re already out o’ sight!

Brittany Prince

First up we have Brittany Prince of the University of South Carolina. Brittany is pursuing a Masters in Health Administration with a concentration in Sexual Health. Brittany comes to us with valuable experience. She has served as an American Academy of Arts and Science Community Service Co-Chair, a mentor for the Minority Assistance Peer Program, worked with IMAGE Modeling Troupe, USC Homecoming Committee, Association of Minority Pre-Health Students, and South Carolina Public Health Association. She may be one busy woman, but she’s committed to giving 110% to working on improving campus sexual health policies at USC and statewide policies at the Statehouse.


Jordan Craven

Jordan Craven is a dapper and energized Junior at the University of South Carolina. He has expressed that joining SWARM is one of many steps towards his goal of working to improve communities. He believes that educating the public on healthy attitudes towards sex, gender, and relationships will reduce unintended pregnancy, intimate partner violence, the spread of STIs and HIV, and will ultimately better our state in more ways than any of us can begin to imagine.


Nadia Anderson

Nadia Anderson comes to us from Columbia College! She is a sophomore and has already completed more than many by the time they graduate. Nadia has worked with the Activities Board at Columbia College. She’s also a member of the NAACP there. She’s been voted Counselor of the Year at the YMCA of Columbia, and recently she has volunteered with the Leadership Institute. She takes pride in her experience working with adolescent girls’ confidence, self-respect, and efficacy. She notes that accomplishing these three important aspects of growing up can’t be completed without them having a good sex education where they recognize the power they have over their own bodies.

Check out these three Rock Stars as they break into the world of video blogs.

We gave them a list of objectives to practice their presentations of advocating for comprehensive sex education to the public. It’s clear they had some fun along the way. Cheers them for their first ever fully self-produced, scripted, and edited video.

(For the record: Brittany will one-up you in basketball. Jordan likes outdated policies like he likes his coffee: ground up and served to-go. And, Nadia moves like a butterfly and stings like a bee on the dance floor.)

Be sure to follow TellThem’s posts over the course of the week to see what the other seven SWARMsters have been up to and to see their first videos!

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