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Meet SWARM '12-'13 Part 3: Holy Mackerels

Posted by Ryan Morgan on August 23, 2012 at 12:00 PM

By Tim Allen

This final edition of “Meet SWARM ’12-‘13” includes 4 wonder young women who know how to get things done.

Alexus Tullock

Alexus Tullock is a sophomore at Claflin University. She’s been on the Orangeburg Chamber of Commerce Youth Council and the Orangeburg County Youth Council. She’s full of life and brilliant ideas. She’s the headliner in the “Tell Them We Care About” video released late last spring, and she’s sure to headline many more. She’s passionate about sex education largely because Orangeburg has struggled with teen pregnancy and HIV. She recognizes that abstinence-only education leaves students vulnerable. This is why she joined the SWARM Council. One of her many goals is to make abstinence-only programs a thing of the outdated past and to make comprehensive sex education a standard.

Ashley LeCounte

Ashley LeCounte comes to us from South Carolina State University. She’s a nursing major and sees the problems of poor sexual health policies every day as she completes her clinicals. By working on the council for the next year, Ashley hopes to make some real improvements in her community. She’ll be bringing her experience from various boards and leadership positions that she’s completed in the past few years to strengthen the Council from the inside out. There’s no doubt that when we go to the Statehouse to talk one-on-one with our legislators that Ashley will command the attention of her policy makers. She’s a woman on a mission, and no old geezer is going to stop her.

Darian James

Darian James also comes from SC State. We’re pleased that she’s a sophomore- that means she’ll be with us for years to come. Though Darian is interested in engineering, it doesn’t stop her from advocating for positive sexual health policy reform. She undoubtedly has more mathematical and physics skills than two of me put together. We’ll be sure to put her skills to maximum capacity, so we can optimize our state’s trajectory.

Emily Rogers

And, we have Emily Rogers from the College of Charleston. She’s our returning council member from ’11-’12. As you might know, she’s a fireball. Emily’s drive for success matched with her exuberance makes working towards our goals of better sex education not just fulfilling, but really freakin’ fun. Emily will be graduating in May, and we wish her the best. But, in the meantime, we’re going to work on changing the sexual health atmosphere in Charleston! I know what Emily has in store for her campus, and I can’t wait to tell you what they are in the weeks to come.

Below you can experience a bit of the Holy Mackerels:

(And, for your information: Alexus graduated her high school valedictorian. Ashley can probably teach you a thing or two on professionalism. Darian can capture a timeless moment in a photograph. And, Emily can balance your children in her youth yoga classes.)


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