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More Meat Than Imagined

Posted by Megan Plassmeyer on February 23, 2015 at 11:11 AM

I know you've read a million different blog posts about Tom Corbin calling women a “lesser cut of meat.” So why is this post any different? Well for starters, I’m not writing about “what he said,” in fact, I am writing about “how we fixed it.”

Let me start by saying sexism is challenging. But instead of allowing it to destroy us, we must allow it to empower us to achieve things that the opposition doubts we can overcome. Instead of allowing it to destroy us, we must remember that no human can accurately judge our worth based on a gender construct.   Let me say that again so that none of my readers forget: no human can accurately judge our worth based on a gender construct.

So with this in mind, we created the “Lesser Cuts of Meat Meet Up.” With two days of planning, our associate director for online communications, Eme Crawford, rallied up an entire event in support of Senator Katrina Shealy.  Shealy, whom the comment was swayed towards, was brave enough to support herself in front of mass media. Because what Senator Shealy actually tried to talk about when compared to a less than desirable slab of meat, was the S.3 bill. A bill that would strengthen criminal domestic violence laws to increase penalties for perpetrators of violence. A bill that would help prevent domestic violence in a state ranked #2 in the US for the number of women murdered by men.

So let’s see what our team of briskets did to support her:

34 Slices of bologna sent letters to their legislators, supporting bill S.3.



100 Strips of bacon attended the support rally.




Over 3300 Can o’ Spams saw our promotions and read information regarding the bill S.3.






(And oh yeah, a few wonderful news sources published our event….so who knows how many scrawny cutlets saw those.)

People and organizations are defined by what they do with the sexism and negative feedback they receive. We treat ours as a "call to action."

So go ahead; call us a “lesser cut” again. I dare you. 



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