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Mr. Craven Goes to Columbia: It's Not Too Late for Sex Ed Reform!

Posted by Ryan Morgan on April 18, 2013 at 1:36 PM

Mr CravenSmithBy: Jordan Craven

Attending the House Education Subcommittee hearing on the Healthy Youth Amendment (H.3435) was my first time attending a subcommittee meeting with legislators and my first time experiencing the opposition and their complete lack of information.

I was surprised to hear their arguments--or, rather, their logical fallacies and lies. The sad truth is that the committee members postponed a vote on the bill. The good part? I got to experience government in action.

Every time I attend an event with TellThem! or SWARM, I get a charge of energy within me to want to do good for our state and our people. I am finding my passion for public affairs and advocacy. The people who spoke in support of H.3435 did a great job at laying out the facts and their testimony for support, and it only made me more excited to advocate.

When the opposition spoke, I tried to understand their point of view and listen, but I had a hard time with a few. I so badly wanted to stand up and take the podium and address the committee. I 3435 subcomam hoping that our representatives do not leave this bill in limbo too long and actually get this thing passed. I strongly encourage you to continue calling and emailing your representatives and ask for their support of this bill. It is not too late. And in the tweets of Eme Crawford, "We live to fight another day!"

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