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My Education isn't Political

Posted by Tell Them Advocate on March 06, 2015 at 10:52 AM

By: Lucas Messick

I am from Greenville, SC and received my Sex Education in the ninth grade. The course was just a segment of our Physical Education course and the school utilized the same instructors, there were no "specialized" or "trained" individuals involved in the process. 

They actually combined three classes together which left us with about one hundred high school boys in a large auditorium for one confidence lacking instructor to handle.  This eliminated any possibility of one on one time or somewhat private questioning or inquiry for the students. This created a very uncomfortable environment for us in the room. Everyone came in with a different level of prior knowledge and if you were below their starting mark, you were guaranteed to be lost in the large group.

Overall, the information they supplied us with was decently accurate, but the constant exaggeration could have led some individuals to assume false generalizations. It was not said directly but it was implied that if you had any sex at all, you were guaranteed to catch some sort of STI.  They also implied that if you had sex, you were guaranteed to get your female partner pregnant. There was no mention of any type of birth control and any questions about the subject were avoided. The instructor pressured everyone to sign an abstinence pledge and stick to it for as long as possible. In my opinion, the course served more as a scare tactic to keep the young adults from engaging in sexual behaviors rather than educating them on how to be safe. Personally, I think it's very important to supply the young community with accurate and respectful information so they can make informed decisions with confidence, unlike their Sex Ed instructors.


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