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National Suicide Prevention Week: Remembering Tim Allen

Posted by Ryan Morgan on September 09, 2013 at 11:11 AM

One year ago today, we lost a very dear friend and lifelong advocate for young people.

Tim Allen Tim Allen was a wonderful spirit, and an energetic young man who couldn’t wait to make a difference. He was kind, gentle, and so genuinely sweet natured.

In the year since Tim’s death, I have been struck by the number of lives he touched. People still come up to Tell Them staffers, hug us, and say “I knew Tim. I miss him.”

The SWARM Council that he personally selected excelled last year, and continues to produce the future leaders of our movement. The stones he laid are becoming a foundation for our future work with South Carolina’s young people. We haven't forgotten you, Tim. We miss you. You cannot be replaced.

I often find myself thinking about Tim. Would he like the new volunteer organizing system we're using? Would he like the new “South Carolinians for Sex Ed” t-shirts we’re going to use this year. Would he see his fingerprints on the incorporation of SWARM into a larger mobilization strategy.

I wonder what skills he would have learned by now and what leadership qualities would he have taken on. I wonder if he would still be working with Tell Them, or would he have moved on to new adventures.

As we mark National Suicide Prevention Week, I find myself thinking about Tim more and more. I hope that he is in a good place. I wish I could see his silly smile, feel his infectious energy, and hear his next insane idea.


National Suicide Prevention Week runs from September 8, 2013 through September 14, 2013. Resources are available through the American Association of Suicidology.

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