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New Report: 25 Years and 250,000 Teen Pregnancies Later

Posted by Ryan Morgan on January 18, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Tell Them is proud to announce the release of a new report: 25 Years and 250,000 Teen Pregnancies Later.


This report examines the multitude of research surrounding the need for comprehensive sex education programs in South Carolina.

The report highlights 5 major problems with current sex education programs:

  •  No accountability for what is being taught in sex ed classes
  •  Lack of teachers trained in health education instruction
  •  Information provided to students is not medically accurate
  •  Discriminatory information being imposed on students
  •  No "checks and balances" on the local level


The Comprehensive Health Education Act was passed in 1988. Twenty-five years later, we are still facing the same problems. Condom use among teens is down (67% used condoms in 2005, 58% used condoms in 2011); more than 50% of high school students (and nearly 20% of middle school students) report that they have already had sex; and there are an average of 68 newly reported cases of Chlamydia or Gonorrhea in youth every day.

This should enrage every parent in our state. Let's see this report as the catalyst for change. Visit now and email your legislator. Tell Them that you support sex ed reform and demand that we get comprehensive sex education programs in our schools.

While the report focuses on information released Monday by the New Morning Foundation in their new report A Sterling Opportunity, the Tell Them analysis also examined recent studies by the South Carolina State Alliance for Adolescent Sexual Health, the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, the 2010 US census, the CDC's annual youth risk behavior surveys and a regional report published last year. For a complete list of sources, visit our webpage.

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