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NMF receives Stephanie Williams HIV Advocacy Award

Posted by Ryan Morgan on December 11, 2013 at 11:40 AM
I am honored to announce that New Morning Foundation, Tell Them's parent organization, has received the Stephanie Williams HIV Advocacy Award from the South Carolina HIV/AIDS Council. Ms. Stephanie Williams was one of the first HIV positive women in South Carolina to stand up, put a face to the epidemic, and create new pathways to reduce stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. Her legacy of motivation and empowerment is recognized through the work of community members and organizations involved in improving the status of HIV/AIDS outcomes in our state. Cherisse New Morning Foundation has been recognized for our “unwavering grassroots advocacy to promote access to comprehensive school and sexuality education.” In the world of advocacy, it is often difficult to measure your success larger than a number of supporters. When members and organizations in the community are recognizing your work, you know you’re on to something. We are proud of our accomplishments and thankful for our partnership and collaboration with the South Carolina HIV/AIDS Council. HIV award Other awardees included Veronica Brisco, Dr. Helmut Albrecht (University of South Carolina School of Medicine Immunology Clinic), Tonda Jackson (Grace Medical Group), Vanessa English, Don Frierson, Senator Clementa Pinckney (District 45), AIDS Benefit Foundation, and Jacque Freeman. To the staff and supporters of New Morning Foundation: Congratulations and continue your diligence! It doesn’t go un-noticed.

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