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Tell Them Thanks!

Posted by Emily Crawford on November 24, 2015 at 11:11 AM

We spend much of our time telling them to support and protect reproductive rights in South Carolina, but this time of year we're telling legislators, advocates, and our family and friends how much we're thankful for all they do!  What are you thankful for this year?

Cynthia & sisters



Cynthia Beavin, Community Development and Media Relations Intern

I have four beautiful younger sisters that mean the world to me, and I’m thankful that Tell Them fights for policies like medically accurate sex education and the Cervical Cancer Prevention Act that allow young people to lead healthy and successful lives.

(Aren’t they perfect??)




Ashley Crary, Associate Director of Government Relations

1).  I am thankful to get to work with legislators like James Smith, Beth Bernstein, Brad Hutto, and Joel Lourie who want the best for South Carolinians and respect their decision making abilities.

2).  I am thankful that I work with such strong women who I look to for strength and support.

3).  And finally, I am thankful to have a partner that wants to support me in my career and is passionate about what I do.




Eme Crawford, Director of Advocacy

One of the most impactful things we can do within a democratic form of government is talk with our elected officials about the changes we want to see in the world.  Emails to policymakers make a difference. Social media interactions affect lawmakers. Phone calls with your representatives certainly carry weight in their decision making process. But there’s nothing quite like talking face-to-face with YOUR legislator.

That’s why this year I’m feeling particularly grateful for all the Tell Them advocates who joined us at the State House this year for Bee Day, our annual lobby day AND to the behind the scenes staff and volunteers like Jordan Craven, Megan Plassmeyer, and Kenzie Slade who made everything run oh-so smoothly!







Melissa Davis, Policy Associate

I’m grateful that my education continues every day. I am grateful for my co-workers and the advocates statewide who offer insight and experience on how we can advance the economic and social stability of South Carolina through thoughtful sexual and reproductive health policies.






Brandi Ellison, Director of Government Relations

In my work I am grateful for the ability to work with strong, kind and independent women who are fully committed to improving SC for women and families. 




MeganMegan Plassmeyer, Online Communications Intern

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such strong and powerful role models. I’m still getting through college and trying to figure out how I want to use my career to make an impact, and being surrounded by so many supportive and dynamic women has really helped me throughout that journey.  Women’s health policy and advocacy is very important and my time here has made me realize how vital it is that my generation gets involved in this movement for responsible reproductive health legislation.  I’m particularly grateful to have received the opportunity to interact with some of our strong advocates through the #IamAdvocacy series.  Learning more about women like Elizabeth McLendon, Heather Brandt, and Georgina Dukes has given me a chance to visualize what it looks like to be a successful woman in reproductive health advocacy.

I’m  also thankful for our newest advocates and team members, Allison Waymyers, Cynthia Beavin, and Ann Warner- you all have made the Tell Them family a little bigger and brighter. Thanks for being awesome coworkers and friends!








Ann Warner, CEO

This year I am thankful that I had the opportunity to move to South Carolina to work with incredible new colleagues, advocates, and allies in pursuit of reproductive health, empowerment and well-being for the women, men and young people of this state. 










Allison Waymyers, Community Development and Media Relations Manager

As football season enters one of its most exciting rivalry weeks, I’m grateful for a job that makes our state competitive!  To know we’re pushing our state FORWARD, means I’m utilizing my education, skills, and maximizing my existence.  Our staff’s teamwork results in building better families.  This directly benefits my family by keeping my happy!





Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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